L1602 – Crossing the line

Shortly before noon today we Crossed the Line – the Equator – and so for the first time I am now sailing in the southern hemisphere. As we are clearly now perched right on the side of the world, it’s a wonder we haven’t fallen off – thank goodness for gravity! 😉

As is tradition in these circumstances, early this afternoon the passengers were summoned to the outside decks at the stern of the ship to the court of King Neptune. We gathered under tropical clear blue skies and bright sunshine grey clouds and the occasional light showers to witness the events unfold:


King Neptune arrived with his stunning wife, and took centre stage on their thrones, with assorted mermaids, pirates and other assistants in attendance:tmp_14643-DSC02673~01561440998


One of these assistants called for various members of the ship’s crew to be brought before the King and Queen in turn, the pirates then dragged them forward and made them kneel before the thrones:


Various heinous charges were then laid before the court, and each time the court found the defendants guilty. Sentencing was carried out immediately, with the defendant given various combinations of four possible punishments:

– Being made to kiss a raw fish:


– Being made to kiss the Queen:


– Being taken off to an operating table to be anointed with various unpleasant substances:


– Invariably being thrown into the water:


Sometimes the defendants managed to take a pirate or assistant into the water with them:


Sometimes the defendants took their revenge on a pirate or assistant afterwards:


Various officers, cadets, entertainment staff and finally the captain himself were brought before the court:


The end result was always the same:



… except perhaps in one case – will this defendant ever be seen again?


We were all richly entertained by all the fun and games, so a huge credit should go to the effort and sportsmanship of all those involved – it made Crossing the Line today a very memorable experience.



Following today’s events, I have now been certified: (some might say not before time)



































3 thoughts on “L1602 – Crossing the line

  1. What and amazing experience jealous does not even describe how I feel. You lucky devil. So when do you need a lady’s maid or should I say gentleman’s ladies maid I’m ready to fly anywhere you need me!!!!!

    Are you planning any of your cruises in late June or July or August? If so maybe I should join you. You are having so much fun and I think we would get on. We are both independent.

    Love reading your blog look forward to more.

    Do use lots of mosquitos spray when you reach South America as there is a new virus going around it gives you flu like symptoms and you are out of action for at least a week. It’s all the news here in the US. So please take care spray your self when ever you go out in South America. They may not be telling you about this epidemic its rampant in South America. Causing major problems for pregnant women but not nice for other people. People here have canceled their vacation to SA. Don’t want to worry you too much the information here is use mosquitos spray.

    Take care love Catherine

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  2. Thank you for your kind words about my blog.

    The Line ceremony was great fun, the charges brought against the crew were very inventive and funny. I had experienced a line ceremony before on Fred. Olsen when I crossed the Arctic Circle, that one was a little different with crew members forced to have a pillow fight on a beam going across the swimming pool.

    Before you accept a job as my maid, I should warn you that I pay extremely badly, and you would be expected to cover all your own expenses!

    I do have cruises in the summer, I will contact you by email to let you know my plans.

    Yes I am very aware of the virus problem in South America, and we were issued with a fact sheet all about it this evening ahead of our first port call tomorrow. Thanks for the warning and your concern though.


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