L1602 – Sailing into Rio

Today I was up on deck around 6:10am, so that I could see the dawn and our sail into the port of Rio de Janeiro. I first went to the top-most aft deck, to watch the sun rise. A huge part of the sky was ablaze with colour, and the wide angle setting of my camera lens was not enough to do the sky justice:


It was clear from the cloud low on the horizon that we were not going to see the sun actually appear above the horizon, so I elected to move my position to the very limited open deck across the front of the ship, so that I would be sure of a good central position for the sail into Rio. This was a good plan as soon more and more passengers came up on deck to watch and photograph the proceedings. Gradually some well-known landmarks appeared out of the morning mist:


Once we had sailed past the Sugarloaf mountain, the local airport and the impressive Rio-Niterói bridge came into view. The bridge is 8.25 miles long and carries 8 lanes of traffic:


Our journey into port was accompanied by several birds, both soaring overhead and flying in formation close to the water:


We got some good views of downtown Rio as we sailed ever closer to the docks where we were due to berth:


As we neared our berth, we passed close to the new Museum of Tomorrow. This striking building reminded me a little of the modern architecture I had seen last Autumn in Valencia:


Once we were close to docking, it was time to head for the restaurant for a good breakfast ahead of my first tour ashore. We had been warned that the traffic was likely to be terrible with the combination of carnival and all the works going ahead for the Olympics (which is in August this year), which might well delay our return to the ship. This proved to be the case, but that’s a story for my next post – which may not be for a day or two as tomorrow is a very busy day with two tours booked!










3 thoughts on “L1602 – Sailing into Rio

  1. So exciting for you the photos took me back to the time I was in Rio 28 years ago. Can’t believe it was that long ago. How time flys by. Enjoy.

    Anne has been reading your blog with interest, but looking after Sophia is quite tiring. Anne is glad to have John helping and the fact Sophia still has 2hr afternoon naps!!!

    I took care of Owen over night Friday while I had fun I’m tired, but I am also still working full time.

    Best wishes Catherine

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  2. Hi Graham

    Mum told me to look out for your travel blogs and I’ve really enjoyed reading about your South America adventures!
    Also amazed to see that we were in Rio around the same time in February! It was complete chance that my visit fell over Carnival (and can relate to your comments about how busy that made an already bustling city!)
    Sounds like you had a superb trip like us! Look forward to reading more.

    Nicola x

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