L1602 – Rio sailaway

As I explained at the end of my last post, L1602 – Sambódromo, I am currently in the busiest period of this cruise, with 5 consecutive days in port. As I am so busy doing shore tours, one of which was particularly long and demanding, I regret that this blog has had to be neglected, and therefore I am now several days behind.

Our new sailaway time from Rio de Janeiro was 1pm on Monday (see L1602 – Island = I don’t land), and as it was a lovely day there were plenty of people up on deck to watch the ship slip out of this iconic port – although some remained steadfastly welded to their sun loungers!

Even as we slipped our moorings, I caught a glimpse of yet another carnival float on its way to the Sambódromo:


With so many cruise ships in port, it was a tight squeeze to leave our berth:



As we left our berth and set out across the bay I was able to capture two things so iconic to Rio in the same shot:


Sailing across the bay and out into open water I had great views of the mountains, beaches, monuments and buildings that make Rio such a recognisable and special place:


I reflected on what an amazing port it had been to visit, especially at such a significant time of year. The carnival was a truly astonishing experience, and the sights and sounds I saw that night will live with me for a very long time. I do not know if and when I will be back to this end of South America, but if I do come this way again, I think I would come when carnival is not on, in the hope that the city would be not quite so rammed with people, and therefore it might be just that bit more possible to get about in a reasonable time. There is certainly plenty more to see and do there.

We were setting sail for a new country, which we would not reach until Thursday. My next post will be about this next port, the most southern but not the most distant that we will visit on this cruise.


Postscript 1: The next day (the first of two sea days) was the birthday of one of my dinner table companions, Paul. On your birthday, the waiters bring you a birthday cake (with a candle to blow out), and sing “Happy Birthday” to you. Here is the birthday boy, and two of my other dining companions, Lynda and Peter, as well as the waiters:



Postscript 2: The next day – the second sea day – I took these pictures of the sunset:


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