L1602 – Sailing into Buenos Aires

In recent posts I have mentioned that I had been entering the most intense part of this cruise – 5 consecutive days ashore in 4 different ports in 3 different countries – this phase is now over and I am on the first of three much needed days at sea. During that intense time I did several shore tours, one of which was particularly epic, so I will be using these sea days to try and catch up on my blog, so be prepared for a number of posts from me in a short space of time!

The first of these 5 days was spent in Montevideo, Uruguay, and that lovely day is documented in my last two posts, L1602 – Steamy ‘Video 1 and L1602 – Steamy ‘Video 2. That day in Montevideo also marked the halfway point in our long cruise, and Montevideo is the most southerly port we will visit, although the port I am starting to document in this post is the most distant from our starting port of Southampton, England.

Having left Montevideo, we sailed overnight up the River Plate, and early the next morning we sailed into Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a lovely sunny morning (again), and I was in place on deck to photograph various buildings in the city glinting in the low morning sun:


I couldn’t resist another photograph of the dockside cranes, and I was intrigued by the trees and bushes growing on the stone outer wall of the harbour:


My eye was also drawn to the shadows and patterns created by this stack of containers piled high on one of the dock quays, and I captured a picture of this which I particularly like:


We were due to be in port in Buenos Aires overnight, leaving around 6pm the next day. This left plenty of scope for tours ashore. The big draws for most of the passengers were to visit the city itself to see the architecture, frequent the cafés and bars, and see a tango show. However there was a shore tour offered in this port which took you far away from the city to see a natural feature voted one of the seven wonders of the modern natural world. Sometimes when planning a port call tough decisions have to be made, and so I decided to forgo the city tours and take this distant tour instead, although it was by far the longest and most expensive I have ever taken. It will be the subject of my next post, so watch this space!

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