D1602 – Early Easter

Easter was early this year – Easter Sunday was on March 27th – but for me the day started extra early…

On this cruise I am using my tablet computer as an alarm clock, to make sure I am awake and up & ready in time for breakfast with my friend Barbara, who is an early riser and likes to take her breakfast early in the morning.

On Easter Sunday morning the alarm sounded and awoke me from a deep sleep. I pulled back the curtains, it seemed darker outside than usual – but in my sleepy state I didn’t think to much about it and padded off to the bathroom for my shower. A little later as I started to get dressed, I reached for my watch and had a shock – it was an hour earlier than I thought – only 6:15!

Slowly it dawned on me what had happened – back in the UK the clocks had advanced an hour overnight for daylight saving, and my tablet had dutifully done the same thing (as had my mobile phone). The only problem was that we were sailing towards the Cabo Verde Islands, which are too far south to need daylight saving, so ship’s time had not advanced overnight.

By this time I was too awake to return to my bed, so I used this unexpected extra hour to my day to work on my post D1602 – Well drilled instead.


Later, as we walked around the ship we found that all the bars and cafés had been decorated for Easter, and outside the restaurants there was this lovely table-top display of Easter eggs and bunnies, and these brilliant food carvings:



Postscript: I am writing this post on Tuesday afternoon, the last of three sea days between the Azores and Cabo Verde. As I type this the passenger choir class is sounding amazing – they have a great tutor, and have made great strides in a few short days. We now sit outside the rehearsal room to be entertained by them each sea day! I was sat outside on deck in the warm sunshine this morning, thought about those back in the UK either struggling back to work or clearing up after the weekend’s storm, and concluded that it’s a tough life doing all these cruises so you guys don’t have to – but I will stoically carry on! 😉


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