D1602 – No go to Fogo

Some of you might remember that in my earlier post L1602 – Island = I don’t land I described how on my South American cruise we failed to visit two island ports of call that were on the itinerary when I booked the cruise. Unfortunately a similar occurrence has affected this cruise, when I booked the Island Hopping cruise we were due to visit three islands in Cabo Verde, but we only got to visit two – the same two I visited on the South American cruise. The island dropped – Fogo – was of course the one I most wanted to visit, not just because I hadn’t visited it before.

Fogo is the Portuguese for ‘fire’, and the island has this name as almost the whole island is one huge stratovolcano which is still active – it’s last eruption was a recent as 2014. The main caldera is 9 kilometres wide, with walls a kilometer high.

Out of the blue I received a letter from Fred. Olsen to say we would no longer be visiting Fogo, and instead would be visiting La Palma in the Canary Islands – the only reason given that it would provide an easier landing experience for the passengers as Fogo was an anchor port, while the ship can dock in La Palma. This seemed poor reasoning to me, as people knew it was an anchor port when they booked the cruise. If all anchor ports are going to be dropped then that would be a great loss as often they are the most remote and interesting places.

Instead of calling into Fogo, the letter said we would have a scenic sail past the island at dawn. However when the Captain announced the sail past the night before, he told us the sail past would be between 6 and 6:30am – and then went on to say dawn would be at 6:38! Clearly the person doing the itinerary planning hadn’t bothered to check the sunrise time – but regular readers will know my views on the competency of that department.

Despite the darkness I was up on deck at 6am just to find out what could or couldn’t be seen as we passed Fogo. My camera did a sterling job to get this image – to the naked eye it looked a lot darker:


We were well past the island before the sun had risen high enough to see it at all well – these were the best shots I got as it disappeared to our stern:


To the phrase ‘island = I don’t land’ sadly I can now add ‘no go to Fogo’.


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