M1623 – Bonjour encore!

It was only just over two weeks ago that I returned home from my last cruise around the Arctic – the stunning weather and epic scenery & wildlife combining to make it my best cruise to date. It will be a hard act to follow, but tomorrow I am due to set sail on my next cruise – a short one that just goes to just one country, France.

Usually I wait until I am safely on board and at sea before starting my posts, but on this cruise there are no initial sea days, we arrive in our first port the very next morning after we set sail! With three days in a row ashore, I thought it best to set the scene before I sailed, otherwise a third of the cruise might be over before I can post the first blog about it.

We are sailing on the Fred. Olsen ship Braemar, which has an unusually flat keel, allowing it to sail up rivers and canals that the other three ships in the fleet cannot manage. This cruise takes advantage of this ability, it’s itinerary includes sailing up parts of the Seine, Gironde and Garonne rivers:


This cruise should provide a complete contrast to the three cruises I have already completed this year – South America, Island Hopping and Arctic Adventure, although at just 11 nights I’m guessing it’s going to be over all too quickly having got used to much longer cruises. There won’t be many times when we’re out of sight of land, so it will be a case of posting updates as and when I can, when I am not distracted by my camera! Watch this space!!


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