M1623 – “It’s beautiful in the daylight”

In my earlier post, M1623 – All stitched up, I described my frustration that we sailed up the River Seine from Honfleur to Rouen at night, and therefore in the dark. In my last post, M1623 – Take the Monet…, I described my second day in Rouen, and that we would be sailing at 3pm back down the River Seine to the sea, and onwards to our next port of call.

This meant that we were actually able to be up on deck watching the French rural scenery slip by in daylight! However they still seemed determined that we wouldn’t see it all, for they arranged the Captain’s welcome cocktail party for 5.30, followed immediately for those of us on first sitting, dinner at 6:15. As a non-drinker and regular cruiser I’ve long since given up going to cocktail parties, but it did seem stupid and unnecessary planning when the next day was a full day at sea with no river scenery to miss if it was held then.

So for up until it was time to change for dinner – a formal night – I did actually get to see and photograph some lovely French river scenery:


As a friend posted in response to M1623 – All stitched up, “it’s beautiful in the daylight”!

Postscript Shortly after dinner was over we sailed back under the stunning Pont de Normandie cable-stay bridge, just as the sun was setting:


Postscript 2 As I finish off this short post I have just returned from watching a sailaway 4 days and two ports later (sorry I am well behind with the posts, but it’s a very busy cruise). Guess what – the sailaway was at 11pm and we are sailing down the Garonne river! For a river cruising cruise they seem absolutely determined to stop us viewing the rivers!!


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