M1626 – Scary ship

Regular readers will know that occasionally I have a moan about the Fred. Olsen itinerary planning department for the way they time the ship’s visits to some port calls – an example was in my recent post M1626 – Peach Elba. It’s therefore nice that I can redress the balance, and praise Fred. Olsen staff for once.

The day we were in Monaco, covered in my last two posts M1626 – Winning Formula and M1626 – Nice Tour, was October 31st – otherwise known as All Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween. I had not been on a cruise at Halloween before, and did not know whether or how it would be celebrated on board.

First thing that morning it was clear that the crew had been busy overnight in their spare (i.e. sleep) time and had done a great job decorating many of the public areas around the ship:


It was announced that members of the galley department had been busy carving pumpkins, and that these would be put on display in one of the public areas so that the passengers could vote for their favourite design. On seeing the pumpkins I was blown away by the imagination and skill that had gone into their design, and I’m not sure when the crew had found the time to complete such intricate work. I’m sure I was like many of the passengers on board in finding it difficult to chose my favourite, in the end it was number 10 that easily received the most votes:


However it was when we returned to the ship in the evening that the celebrations really got underway. The reception, entertainment and in particular the bar staff had gone to town in dressing themselves up in wonderful costumes, and they were often acting out the part they were portraying too:


The celebrations culminated in a special late show, where five members of crew were in competition to be the most scary. They appeared in turn on the stage in character with the most astonishing and wonderful costumes and make-up, accompanied by appropriately sinister sound effects, music and lighting. The show was so popular that I could only secure a seat well to one side of the stage so it was hard to get a really good view – or photograph – of the contestants, or of the Cruise Director who was suitably made up whilst acting as compere:


The competition had been organised by the crew welfare committee, and they had donated gift prizes to all five contestants, and cash prizes to the first, second and third placed entrants as decided by a public vote. All the contestants got very loud cheers of approval, so the entertainment team had a hard time deciding who should receive the cash prizes. In the end it was number three who stole the show and walked off with the top prize of 150 dollars:


I have to thank and congratulate all the Fred. Olsen crew who put in so much time and effort into making Halloween such entertaining fun on board. On this evidence I hope that it works out that I am on board ship on a future Halloween too.


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