W1702 – Crossing the Line 2

Around a year ago my post L1602 – Crossing the line described the ceremonies on board ship held to mark ‘crossing the line’ – passing over the line of the Equator – as I sailed south on my South American cruise.

A year later I found myself sailing south over the line of the Equator towards South America once more – but of course this time I was heading to a different corner of that vast continent on my way all around the world.

Of course celebrations were held on board this time similar to last time, albeit a few hours early as we would be crossing the actual line just before we entered our next port, Manta in Ecuador. (How do they paint a line on the moving sea? ;-))

As before, King Neptune and his glamorous wife commanded that the Captain, officers and various members of the Entertainment department be brought before them to face various charges, read out by the Cruise Director. Their rag-bag collection of assistant mermaids, pirates and others dragged each person in turn before them, and of course everyone was found guilty. There were just two punishments in use this time – kissing a raw fish and being thrown in the swimming pool – and inevitably everyone received both of these:


Predictably by the end everyone including the Cruise Director were in the pool – at least it was a hot sunny day – and once again a great time was had by all of us watching the proceedings.


The next day we sailed into the port of Manta in Ecuador. Here I was to leave the ship for my epic multi-day shore tour high in the Andes mountains. This tour will be the subject of my next few posts.

Postscript: I can only apologise once again that I am so far behind in posting updates on this epic world cruise. While yes there have been other reasons too, it’s certainly not helped that while I suffer the great hardship of sailing the southern Pacific Ocean, the Internet connection is so intermittent. I have about six more posts to make about Ecuador, Peru and Easter Island as and when the Internet connection holds out, so watch this space!


3 thoughts on “W1702 – Crossing the Line 2

  1. Dear Graham,

    As usual your blogs are interesting and very informative and graced by amazing photos of each place you visit. I’m not sure how you will ever be able to make a calendar for next year. How ever will you decide which photos to use!!!!!

    It’s testing time and report writing at school so I’ve been very busy since I started this new term.

    John sr is having his back operated on this Tuesday fingers crossed all goes well it will take a while to recover I think. He had had an injection in his hip which had given him a lot of relief from the pain he was in and he has been able to sleep better.

    All is well with everyone else. My friend enjoyed her cruise on Fred and said she would go again. Mind you she also said she felt like the baby on board!!!!

    Take care look forward to more blogs.

    Love Catherine

    Sent from my iPhone


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