W1702 – Sailing into Sydney

In my last post, W1702 – Not Eden close, I described how my going down with a nasty cold/flu type bug meant I didn’t even get to leave the ship while we were moored close to our first port of call in Australia, Eden.

Late that afternoon we set sail for about the most iconic port of call on the whole epic voyage – Sydney with it’s beautiful and famous harbour. Our daily on-board newsletter delivered the night before stated we wouldn’t be docked until 10:30 in the morning, although we know from experience that the ship often arrives a little early. Carol and I therefore arranged to meet for breakfast at 8am, which we thought would allow plenty of time to get up on deck to see and photograph our ship sail in to the world famous harbour.

Looking out through the windows of the ship as we sailed in I could see land slipping past and I grew suspicious we were very early, so we hastily finished our fare and headed up on deck. As we stepped out on deck and looked forward we could see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House coming up all too soon – we were only just in time!

We made our way forward to “the pointy end” to join the throng of fellow passengers all jostling to see and photograph the famous sights as we sailed in through the harbour. Not surprisingly the huge Cunard ship Queen Elizabeth had one of the prime berths at Circular Quay, between the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge:


A little slip of a ship like ours was not berthed there, instead we were due to berth at the White Bay Cruise Terminal. The downside is that it’s a much longer and more difficult journey to reach the main attractions of the city from there, but the slight compensation was that we got to sail under the Harbour Bridge as we sailed in and out of the harbour:


Although the weather could have been a little brighter, it was still a fabulous experience to sail into this iconic harbour, and I couldn’t help thinking how lucky I was to have sailed into both Rio de Janeiro and Sydney harbours in less than twelve months.

I my last post I described how my cold/flu bug prevented me from leaving the ship in Eden. Sadly feeling weak & unwell, and at times feverish, meant that I had to drastically alter my plans in Sydney too. I’ll describe the changes to my plans, and what I did manage to see and do in Sydney over the two days we were berthed there in my next post.


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