W1702 – Sydney sailaway

In my last post, W1702 – Sydney walkabout, I described how I had to greatly revise my plans for the two days spent in Sydney due to the cold/flu bug that was affecting me so significantly, and instead of going out on two epic tours, all I did was spend a morning going walkabout around the harbour area with my girlfriend Carol.

This post will mostly be a set of photographs taken as we sailed out of the harbour later that day, but first some photographs I took the night before, which I had intended to add as a postscript to my last post. Going up on deck during our overnight stay, the tower blocks and other buildings of downtown Sydney, and of course the Harbour Bridge, looked amazing all lit up against the dark night sky:


Now for the sailaway photographs. Carol and I went up to the topmost deck at the ‘pointy end’ to watch us sail out. We got there early expecting a rush of people, in time to see the ship’s crew loading some last minute stores into the forward hold:


Soon the hold cover was craned and latched into place, the ropes cast off and we were under way, retracing our path from the morning before out under the Harbour Bridge and past Circular Quay and the Opera House:


We would have another day at sea, before arriving at our next port of call, Brisbane. This, and the all too familiar change to my plans, will be the subject of my next post.

Postscript: The photographic department on board ship ran a photo competition for the passengers, who could enter a single photograph in each of three possible categories – Wildlife, Architecture, and Down Under. The entries were displayed on a wall, and passengers asked to vote for their favourite in each category. I entered the following three photographs, all of which have featured in this or recent posts, and I am delighted to report that my photograph won the Architecture category!


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