W1702 – ‘bane of my life

In my last post, W1702 – Sydney sailaway, I described our sailaway from the iconic Sydney Harbour after a two day stay in port. The next day we were at sea sailing north, heading for our next port of call, Brisbane.

We were due to dock in Brisbane around 10am the following morning, but once again we arrived around an hour or so early. After an early breakfast I went up on deck to watch and photograph our approach and expecting to find us still out at sea, only to find we were already well up the Brisbane River and not that far away from where we were due to dock at the Portside Wharf.

Looking upstream coming into view were the twin bridges where the Gateway Motorway crossed the river:


Once past the bridges there were many other boats in the river, including the ferryboats which allow the local residents to commute up and down the river between frequent boat stops:


Once we reached Portside Wharf the ship did it’s party trick, spinning on the spot using it’s bow and stern thrusters, before neatly reversing against the quay. During the spin I took the “not this way Captain” shot of us apparently heading straight for the bank:


Brisbane was one of the very few ports that I had not booked a shore tour in before we set sail, as I was due to meet up with a friend who was also a former colleague. However regular readers will be all too aware of a very nasty cold/flu bug that had been affecting me badly for the past week or so, and as my friend has a young family, I thought it unwise to meet her and risk passing on such a virulent illness to her or her family.

My girlfriend Carol had also arranged a meeting in Brisbane, she was due to meet her cousin Mary & her cousin’s husband Martin. Although Carol was now very much affected by the same bug, she wanted to go ahead with her meeting, so I decided to go with her so we could keep an eye on each other. As there wasn’t a shuttle bus, to make the journey as easy as possible we took a taxi into the city centre. After the now very familiar stop at a chemist for cold medication, we crossed the road to Anzac Square where we were meeting the others.

While we waited for Mary and Martin to arrive I wandered around the Square taking photographs:


Once we had all met up, we decided to stroll down to the riverside area, and stopped at one of the many cafés and restaurants there for a coffee – or in my case water.

We then followed the footpaths alongside the river for a while, and I took the chance to photograph the huge modern buildings and the river craft as we did so:


We then chose a different restaurant for a light lunch, where Carol and I shared a very tasty pizza, one of the few foods we hadn’t had the chance to enjoy on board ship so far. By now we were both very much tiring due to our illnesses, so we said our farewells and took the river bus from a station right outside the restaurant back to our ship, where we were glad to rest up all afternoon.

Just before dinner that night we went up on deck, and the skies were looking quite stormy:


We did not sail until 11pm that evening, so we were able to sit up on deck after dinner and look out across the river and the city.

So once again the bane of my current life, the cold/flu bug which keeps coming back at me a dragging me down, caused me to change my plans. At least I was able to get out for a few hours and see a little of the riverside area of Brisbane, which is sadly more than can be said for some of the other Australian ports we visited on this cruise.

We would have two further days at sea before reaching our next port, Hamilton Island, where further changes of plan will be the subject of my next post.

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