W1702 – Cairns cancelled

In my last post,  W1702 – Townsville tour, I described my port call in Townsville in northern Queensland, where for the first time in a while I was able to enjoy a half day shore tour, which visited a wildlife sanctuary.

Overnight we continued our voyage north up the coast of Australia to our next port of call, Cairns. Here my girlfriend Carol and I had booked a lovely full day tour, which included a scenic journey along the world-famous Kuranda Railway which offers stunning vistas of deep gorges and rugged mountains, and later spectacular views of the rainforest aboard the Skyrail Cableway. Sadly we had realised our ongoing health problems were going to make this tour impossible for us, so we had cancelled off it in time to get refunded.

These health problems had been going on for nearly two weeks, causing great frustration at missing out on so many planned tours on top of feeling so very unwell. So far we had avoided going to see the ship’s doctor, partly because it is drilled into us so much these days not to bother the doctor with a cold or the ‘flu, and partly because the ship’s doctor charges you an arm and a leg just to see them!

By the time we got to Cairns we both decided that things had dragged on long enough, and we were not getting better anytime soon by ourselves, so we both went down to see the doctor. We were both diagnosed with chest infections, and prescribed antibiotics and a decongestant, although Carol was prescribed a larger and longer dose than me – perhaps her ‘lady-flu’ was worse than my ‘man-flu’ after all!

It was a very, very hot day that day, and we both decided it would not be sensible to leave the cool air-conditioned ship for a look around the port, so we just rested on board instead. Late in the afternoon I did take one slow walk around the deck taking photographs of the views from the ship, and even that drained me with the very high temperature and humidity. Here are the scenes I saw:


We then had three days at sea sailing around the north-eastern coast of Australia to our final port in that country, Darwin, giving our medication a chance to start taking effect before we got there. How our health was, and whether we made it ashore in Darwin will be the subject of my next post.

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