W1702 – That’s a wrap

In my last post, W1702 – ‘tites and ‘mites, I described the visit to our final port of call on this epic cruise, Málaga on the southern coast of Spain, where I went on a tour to some prehistoric caves to see fabulous stalactites and stalagmites. Very sadly we set sail that evening to return to our starting point, Southampton in the UK.

There are three parts to this final ‘wrap up’ post from my Around the World cruise:
• photographs of some of the on-board activities and events
• some statistics and comments about the cruise
• some important news about the future of this blog


During the course of the cruise on the many sea days there were all sorts of activities and events going on, here are some photographs I took at the time:

• Passenger choir (with my friend Robert as accompanist)…


• Valentine’s Day…


• British Night…


• Crew charity run…


• The Generation Game…


• Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook…


• Dolphin racing with human dolphins…


• Crew tug-of-war (it was lovely to see passengers, officers and crew mixing and having fun together)…


• Pirate Party (to celebrate leaving the Somali pirates danger area)…


• Build a boat from recycled materials competition (with buoyancy test from guy jumping in!)…


• Easter…


• Passenger drama productions…


• Afternoon classical concerts…


• Crew talent show…


• Gala buffet…



During this cruise we sailed for an amazing 29,600 miles in 107 days, and visited 34 ports of call in 22 countries on the way. During that time I took around 12,500 photographs and around 80 video clips, and this is the 48th post I have made on this blog about this cruise. Needless to say all these figures far exceed every other cruise I have done.

While I am naturally going to have rose tinted spectacles on when looking back on this cruise, having met someone now very special to me on the very first night, but trying hard to put that aside it really has been the cruise of a lifetime, getting to see and experience so many places and cultures that were new to me. If anyone reading this has the time and the money to be able to do a world cruise then my advice would be to grab that chance with both hands, it really does open your eyes to what a beautiful and amazing world we live in, and to how many other people on this planet live their lives.

I have been posting on this blog about my cruises since January last year, and this will be the 132nd post I will make. I’ve documented six cruises, visiting all corners of the world, from Greenland to New Zealand, from Argentina to Singapore. I have had people reading my blog posts from an amazing 29 countries around the world. A truly astonishing statistic is that WordPress says I have uploaded 4164 pictures to share with you all – I am not sad enough to read every post to count if that is correct, but if you are then please be my guest…

Over time my posts have become more detailed and longer, and they take quite a lot of time, money and effort:
• time to write the text
• time and online time to check the facts and figures
• time to select the photographs to use
• time to shrink their resolution
• time and online time to transfer them onto WordPress
– daytime Internet data rates are so painfully slow and intermittent (making dial-up seem fast) that often I’m having to be awake transferring photographs in the middle of the night
• online time to assemble the words and photographs into a coherent post
• money to pay the considerable costs of going online for a significant amount of time on board ship
– this cost has rocketed during the time I have been doing the blog

I have come to the difficult decision that I can no longer continue to document my cruises with posts on my blog during the cruise in the same way as I am doing at present, both from a point of view of cost, and because I now have obvious new calls on my time. It certainly doesn’t mean I have given up cruising, quite the contrary as I have quite a few booked already over the coming 18 months. Whether or how I post any more blog entries about them remains to be seen – for example it’s possible I might just post a summary when I get home after a cruise.

I am sorry if this is a big disappointment to you, as I have received many comments about how people are enjoying the posts. However if there is a time to bow out then perhaps it should be after the Around the World cruise, as how do you follow that?

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, and farewell – or is it au revoir for now?


3 thoughts on “W1702 – That’s a wrap

  1. Dear Graham
    Welcome home!!
    It has been a massive treat to be with you on your cruise and to share your generous narratives and pictures.
    As you know I have been unwell for most of your journey and it has always been a treat to see where you are and what you are doing.
    Thank you.
    Today I am recovering from a hip replacement operation and Anne is with me. Without wishing to sound cheeky we wondered if there was any other important news to share!!
    Love and best wishes
    Anne and Johnxx


    1. Dear Anne and John,

      Once again a big thank you for your very kind comments. I am glad my blog has helped entertain you while you have been unwell John, and that you make a quick and good recovery from your hip operation.

      You were cheeky enough to ask about news – well I can tell you that Carol will be joining me on my next cruise, which unbelievably starts this Friday. We are travelling with my elderly friend Barbara from the Isle of Wight on a Rivers of France and Spain cruise. We are going to Rouen, Bordeaux, Seville (all overnight), Cádiz and Lisbon.

      Love and best wishes,


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