My name is Graham Alderson, and I am a keen amature photographer. For many years I have found that sailing on a cruise ship provides an easy and enjoyable way to explore the world, and the chance to photograph some beautiful, amazing and dramatic places.

A couple of years or so ago an interitance allowed me to significantly increase both the frequency and duration of my voyages of discovery. With this in mind, I decided to start a blog about my voyages, where I record and share information about the places I visit, and share some of the many photographs I take as I sail the world.

In January 2017 I embarked on what I thought would be the voyage of a lifetime – a cruise right around the world. Little did I know just how much it would change my life – for at dinner on the first night I first met a lovely lady called Carol. Very quickly we became good friends, then fell in love, and I am so honoured and delighted to say that up on deck under the stars, with the moonlight sparkling on the South Pacific Ocean, she agreed to be my wife.

Now very happily married, we continue to cruise together, and Carol has become a very useful photographer’s assistant, pointing out things to photograph that I might have missed. In January 2018 we have embarked on a second cruise all around the world – as our official honeymoon!!



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